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My name is Cilla Arthursen. After working in the inner city for many years I saw first hand the long hours people work these days and the subsequent struggle to give their beloved pets the time and attention they need and deserve.

Pets are such an invaluable part of many people’s lives and in this need for I saw a great opportunity to get back to working with my first love……animals. My idea grew into “Lonely Paws” and I am now the proud owner and operator of a quality in-home pet care and dog walking service.

Lonely Paws consists of myself and my partner John. Working together we are able to offer a highly personalised service. Now pet owners can rest assured their pets are getting quality care and attention when, for whatever reason, they are unable to be there.

  • My training includes studies in ‘Animal Care’ ‘Dog Behaviour’, and ‘Animal Nutrition’. This core training has proven invaluable in recognizing and dealing with unforeseen illness or emergencies.
  • My experience with animals includes many years of pet ownership of all kinds. Working with animals in an animal vaccine facility, and working on sheep and cattle properties.

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